Pyjama Day Friday! Along with Recycling Results!

Just a reminder that Friday is Pyjama Day is this week.  We are asking that you send in any donation that you can to support the School Lunch Association at this time.  We have been speaking to all students about the reason why we must support this community-based initiative.  5,400 hot nutritious lunches will be served daily in 2017-2018. 920,000 meals will be served in 30 schools this year. As a result, $400,000 will need to be raised to ensure success of this invaluable program. Also attached to this e-mail is a video that was recently produced to show people the importance of this program.

We would also like to thank families for their participation in the November Recycling Blitz.  We successfully collected $537 worth of recycling.  Matching funds from MMSB brings our total for this blitz to over $1000 which is certainly one of our top blitzes to date.  Our next blitz is set for Thursday, January 11, 2017.  This will be our "Post-Christmas Tidy Up Your Recycling Blitz."  We encourage parents to speak to their children about the importance of recycling as they collect recyclables during the holiday season.  There will not be a December Recycling Blitz.